Opening of the new M.E. Church

In her research of the Haven Church, Nancy Smith found this article that she attributes to the Sept. 8, 1900, Jerome Mining News.

Opening of the new M.E. Church

Last Saturday the Methodist Episcopal church was completed, and on Sunday the handsome little edifice was formally opened to the public, Rev. Geo. M. Smith, the pastor, preaching the opening sermons morning and evening, the Congregationalists uniting in the evening service, Rev. E.H. Ashmun assisting the pastor. The church is a neat frame building, painted silver gray outside, and finished in light woods inside, with pulpit and altar to match. The windows of art glass, Gothic heads, were made expressly for the church by the Los Angeles Art Glass Co., and are of a very handsome design. Altogether the church is a very attractive structure, and adds beauty and grace to the city.

No little credit is due the persistent, energetic efforts of the pastor, who came here about six months ago and began to work under adverse circumstances, and has worked with his hands during the days in building the church, preparing his sermons at night.

The property has cost in the neighborhood of $2,000, including the lot. Of this amount the people of Jerome have contributed less than $1,000. The Church Extension Society of Philadelphia and friends of the pastor in California and elsewhere furnished the balance. With the payment of a part of the subscriptions which were made at the start and contributions from those who have indicated a desire to aid the enterprise, all obligations will be fully met and the church turned over to the conference entirely free and clear of all encumbrances, a credit to the town and to its promoters.

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