Jerome Food Pantry

I would like to inform everyone in town of a new way to serve your community. There will now be a container to drop off your donations for the Jerome food pantry in Town Hall. I’m sure many of you would donate if you had a convenient way and understood the need.

There is always a need for help to supply our pantry! Over the years we have had only two town folk regularly donate. I thought perhaps people just don’t know what we are doing here or how we supply the community’s needs.

So, for your information and our hope for your participation:

Our town food pantry has been ongoing over the last several years at Haven UMC a congregation of about 8 families. We currently average about $300.00 a month on food cost and it continues to climb. That doesn’t include donated food or food cards. A sign in book keeps track of the number of persons who use the pantry each week (10-12avg.) and whether they are from Jerome or another area. Some coats and clothing for the season are available also. A few people have no other source than us. We welcome anyone who comes in on Thursday or Sunday morning, as well as share friendship and coffee.

Perhaps, like me, you know what it’s like to be the one in need and want to gratefully give back. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Patty Bell or myself Pastor Vicki at 928 632-0838. Financial donations can be written to Haven with a notation to food pantry. Those donations are only used for food purchases and recorded as such. All non-perishable food donations need to be unopened and have no expired dates to ensure quality for those receiving them.         

I believe together we can make a great difference in the lives of those who are struggling today, tomorrow and always because, “The poor will always be with us”.

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