Our Front Doors

Members and visitors to Haven United Methodist Church are now welcomed into the building by two new beautiful front doors.  The doors are the creation of Tim McClellan, the CEO of Western Heritage Furniture in Jerome Arizona.

Western Heritage furniture has been practicing “green” ideals since long before making reclaimed wood furniture became popular. The doors were built using reclaimed wood from a building off of 5th street, five streets south of the Church. The copper used in the Cross, of course, represents Jerome’s rich copper history. When Tim was 12-years old he heard a fascinating story of a traveling craftsman who mysteriously arrived at the Lorreto Chapel in New Mexico, built a “Magical Staircase” and disappeared. The staircase is truly awe inspiring and this story was instrumental in his desire to create these doors.  The doors are truly works of art and we feel so blessed to have the work of such a talented artist as part of our historic building.

You can see more about Tim McClellan’s work at www.westernheritagefurniture.com

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