Joy and Concern – November 30, 2014

JOYS AND CONCERNS    November 30, 2014

Prayer Requests


Always in our Prayers: Lois R; Jim F; Cary healing from thyroid procedure;  Bill and Irene Fr; Angelia healing from brain tumor; Kevin J; Doug W; Christina (cancer free) and John A; Bob R; Prayers of love and support for Mitzi who is better and dealing with life.

Reach out to families of Christine E and Dee V. Prayers of love and support and encouragement for Randy B as he deals with continual pain.

Prayers for the families involved in the head on crash on Rte 260.

Prayers for the people in Buffalo and the East dealing with winter weather.

Prayers for deliverance of the missionaries and all people in harm’s way from ISIS in Northern Iraq and elsewhere.

Travel mercies for Joann & George and other holiday travelers.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

The Bishop will be visiting Haven December 3rd at 8:30am.

The Charge Conference will be Dec. 7th, potluck after service.



December birthdays to celebrate


  Douglas R                                                   12-6

  Joni B                                                          12-8

  Malachi and Abram D                            12-10

  Sy P                                                               12-11

  Thom B                                                         12-22


CW District Churches to pray for in December


   Sedona UM Church

Iglesia Metodista de Somerton

First UM Church, Yuma



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