Joys and Concerns – April 27, 2014

JOYS AND CONCERNS    April 27, 2014

 Prayer Requests

 Always in our Prayers: Randy B; Anne C., learning to live with chemo; Kevin J., infection healing; Prayers for Jim R’s healing; Prayers for Lois E., continued healing; Christine and John A., dealing with chemo; Julie R., is cancer free!!!; Susan S., may have additional surgery; Roni B., thankful for support; Alan M., pain from facial cancer; Support for family of Vince W., in his passing.  Prayers of support for family of Jerome resident, Andrew, who passed this week.  Prayers of support for Rev. Gary K., and family in illness of mother.

Prayers of support for Laurie L., family in passing of father.

Travel mercies for Karen & Rick M., and Rosemary C.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world. 

Mingus Mt Camp is searching for volunteer maintenance person from June through August.  Contact Mike Crevelt, Mingus Mountain Camp Site Director at

April Birthdays to celebrate

  Ramon B                                                                    4-4

  Ben R                                                                          4-15

  Ethel B                                                                       4-19

  Heather D                                                                 4-23

  Michael K                                                                 4-23


April Anniversaries to celebrate

  Melissa & Ramon B                                                4-8


Central West District Churches to pray for in April

Justa Center, Phoenix               City Square Church UMF, Phoenix

Faith UMC, Phoenix

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