Joys and Concerns – April 7, 2013

Prayer Requests

Prayers for Connie with health issues, Jane undergoing chemotherapy, Bill dealing with liver issues, Susie’s daughter Jill showing improvement, and Larry R suffering with shingles.

Continued prayers of support and faith for Susan, Randy and Dave.  Special prayers for John J in his recovery from surgery.  MaryLou T is dealing with life’s health issues and recent death of her beloved son.  Continued prayers for B, B and R family.  Prayers for continued health recovery for Mitzi!  Support for Thom and Ron’s family with health issues. Prayers of support and comfort for Patty’s family and many friends.

Never too early to start planning for Relay For Life, Cottonwood Middle School, May 10 @ 6pm until May 11 @ 8am.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Birthdays to celebrate in April

Ramon B                                                        4-4

Ben R                                                               4-15

Ethel B                                                            4-19

Don B                                                              4-21

Heather D                                                      4-23

Michael K                                                      4-23


Anniversaries to celebrate in April

Melissa & Ramon B                                    4-8


Central West District Churches to Pray for in April

Prescott Valley

Mission Bell, Glendale

Fort Yuma

As always, Haven thanks Rev. Ed Womack for his service on Communion Sunday.  He also will be a guest speaker next Sunday.

Haven United Methodist Church Bulletin for April 7, 2013

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