Joys and Concerns – August 10, 2014

JOYS AND CONCERNS    August 10, 2014

Prayer Requests

Alwaysin our Prayers: Randy B; Joni B; quickly recovering from surgery; Christine and John A; dealing with chemo;  Prayers of healing and love for Mitzi who is experiencing health issues.

Continued prayers of love for Lois R; who is getting stronger!

Praise for Joan E; nephews, each with a new baby girl

Travel mercies and prayers of support and love to the Bauder family who are traveling on a mission to the Czech Republic.

Travel mercies for Rosemary, Paul and Susie.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Special prayers of love and support for the US Marine being held in Mexico.

Pray for Peace!


August birthdays to celebrate


Roni B.                                                          8-8

Michael W.                                                    8-8

Beth Cartia B.                                               8-9

Vicky L.                                                        8-16

George R.                                                      8-24


August anniversaries to celebrate


Randy & Joni B.                                           8-2


Central West District Churches to pray for in August


Trinity UMC, Yuma

 First UMC, Phoenix

Prescott UMC


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