Joys and Concerns – December 22, 2013

JOYS AND CONCERNS    December 22, 2013

Prayer Requests

  Prayers for Peggy F, thankful for restored health and blessings; Continued prayers for Randy dealing with recent heart rhythm problems and upcoming eye surgery; Continued prayers of strength for Anne C whose tumors have shrunk; Susanne T recovery from fractured pelvis; Prayers of relief for Jim F suffering from Parkinson’s disease; Pray for Bill F. dealing with health issues. Prayers for Kris F dealing with thyroid issues.

Praise for the visiting mothers of Thom and Ronnie!

Five food baskets were distributed to Jerome residents.  Nellie Blye gave donation of goods and money!

Continued prayers of love and support for Rick and Karen M and family in loss of their son, Daniel.

Travel mercies for all who travel this coming holiday season.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

 December Birthdays to celebrate

  Douglas R                                                             12-6

  Joni B                                                             12-8

Malachi & Abram D                                               12-10

Sy P                                                                      12-11

Chelsea L                                                            12-21

Tom B                                                                  12-22

Central West District Churches to pray for in December

Camp Verde UM Church                   Gila Mountain, Yuma

Christmas Eve service will be at 6:00 pm and will include a special presentation by the youth of the church

Let’s Buy a Cow in Cameron’s Name!

Donation jars are available in the back of the church. Start saving your change for a good cause!

Haven United Methodist Church Bulletin for December 22, 2013

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