Joys and Concerns – December 9, 2012

Prayer Requests

Keep in our thoughts and prayers:

Patty recovering at home; Allen R with health issues; Joann’s health issues; Ann C and chemo; Randy’s continuing back pain; Pray for strength for the Jones family for illnesses and mother’s recent passing; Prayers for Judy D who has broken neck; and for Linda in dealing with cancer treatment.

Prayers for children getting Sidewalk Sunday School gifts.

Prayers of comfort for those experiencing a loss now.

Prayers of comfort and support for friends and families of the many who fight cancer and other devastating illnesses and lose.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Remember to support local mission and public and private schools during this holiday season and get tax credits!


Birthdays to celebrate in December:

Doug R                                                                12-6

Joni B                                                                  12-8

Malachi D                                                          12-10

Abram D                                                            12-10

Sy P                                                                     12-11

Shaylor D                                                          12-15

Chelsea L                                                           12-21

Thom B                                                               12-22


Coming events:

December 24: Christmas Eve program at 6pm

“Come to the Manager”

People are encouraged to bring poinsettias for Christmas services.


Churches to pray for in December:

New Song UMC, Surprise

South Mountain Community, Phoenix

Spread the word about the Jerome Food Pantry!

View the Haven Verde Valley Church Bulletin for December 9, 2012

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