Joys and Concerns – February 5, 2012

Prayer Requests

Continued prayers of love and support for Patty, Allen, Kenneth Ribelin, Randy, and Maralyn in health issues.  Pray for patience in their healing.

Prayers of support for Kitty who is dealing with severe pain.

Blessings on Andrea and Ryan in their upcoming wedding.

Travel mercies for Joni and Randy as they travel down under.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Pray for Peace and Love in this a new year!!

Happy February Birthday to:

  Paul L                                                 2-16

Jesse D                                               2-17

Marylou T                                         2-18

Dustin B                                              2-21


Churches to pray for in February:

Lakeview UMC, Sun City

Faith UMC, Phoenix

Glendale First UMC

Haven is in need of a part-time musician.  Small salary offered.  Contact Pastor Vicki.

Thanks to Rosemary, Rick and their helpers for the beautiful paint work in Haven’s kitchen and Fellowship Hall.

Long nails are still being accepted to build the cross!!

Updated Haven Directory drafts are available at the back of the church.  Please make any changes to your entry only.  Future changes should be directed to

View the Haven Church Jerome Sunday Service Bulletin for February 5, 2012


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