Joys and Concerns – January 1, 2012

Prayer Requests

Continued prayers of love and support for Kitty, Kathy P, Allen, Joni and Kenneth R, Randy and Maralyn in health issues.  And for Jerome resident Rose J who broke a hip.

Dick L’s surgery went very well and he is now recovering at home.  Prayers of support and strength for Dick and his family.

Praise be to be cancer free: Mary B., Bev R., and Jane R.

Thanks for Food Pantry donation in honor of Susan and Bruce C, Charles and Janice H, and Marc and Helen Y. Travel mercies for those who will be on the road and in the air.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Happy January Birthdays to:

Judd R                                                1-3

Laurie L                                              1-6

Allison B                                            1-11

Susie L                                                1-23

Cameron B                                        1-23

Peggy F                                              1-25


Churches to pray for in January:

Trinity UMC, Phoenix

Pioneer UMF

Chino Valley UMC


Nails are still being accepted to build the cross!!

View the Haven Church Jerome Sunday Service Bulletin for January 1, 2012


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