Joys and Concerns – January 11, 2015

JOYS AND CONCERNS    January 11, 2015

Prayer Requests


Alwaysin our Prayers: Lois R; Jim F; Cary healing from thyroid procedure;  Bill and Irene F; especially at this time; Angelia healing from brain tumor; Kevin J; Doug W; John A; Bob R; Prayers of love and support for Mitzi who is better and dealing with life; Harlan U; Janis; Joan’s sister Suela; Phyllis T; and Randy B.

Prayers of love and hope for Glenn L; dealing with tests for Parkinson’s disease.

Prayers of love and support for friends and family of Donnie H; who passed unexpectedly on Christmas Day.

Prayers of love and support to friends and family of Jerome resident Susan H; as they suffer with her loss.

Prayers for Vi’s sister Lois dealing with possible heart attack.

Prayers for deliverance of the missionaries and all people in harm’s way from ISIS in Northern Iraq and elsewhere.

Travel mercies for all travelers!

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Help support Mingus Mountain Camp’s Challenge Course!


January birthdays to celebrate


Judd R                                                          1-3

Allison B                                                       1-11

Susie L                                                          1-23

Peggy F                                                         1-25


CW District Churches to pray for in January


Trinity UMC, Phoenix

Pioneer UMF, Phoenix

Verrado New Church Start


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