Joys and Concerns – January 27, 2013

Prayer Requests

Keep in our thoughts and prayers:

Prayers of support for friends and family of Cameron B, Heaven’s smallest angel.

MaryLou T ill in Albuquerque; Patty recovering at home; Allen R with health issues; healing for the R’s.

Pray for Anne C dealing with severe pain and cancer.

Support for Randy in seeing new back specialist.

Support for Peg who is well but tired.

Prayers for Linsey S after surgery.

Prayers for Greg G recovering from facial surgery.

Prayers of support for friends and family of John C who passed on last Sunday.

Prayers of comfort and support for friends and families of the many who fight cancer and other devastating illnesses and lose.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Birthdays to celebrate in January, 2013:

Judd R                                                          1-3

Laurie L                                                        1-6

Allison B                                                       1-11

Cameron B                                                   1-23

Susie L                                                           1-23

Peggy F                                                          1-25


Churches to Pray for in January, 2013

Chino Valley UMC

Trinity UMC, Phoenix

Pioneer UMF


Haven Verde Valley Church Bulletin for January 27, 2013


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