Joys and Concerns – January 9, 2011

Prayer Requests

Debra M.’s father is doing well following surgery.

George C continues to need prayers with his undiagnosed health issues.

Kami D’s father-in-law is doing much better.

John J is thankful for George and Randy helping him get out of an icy parking place.

Pray for the family of Bobby V suffering his loss.

Joan E is thankful for the safe arrival of her brother and sister-in-law in Phoenix.

Ethel B’s husband, Allie, is home from the hospital with his new prosthesis.

Pray for peace and love around the world in this new year.

Prayers of support for those in the military and those who contribute to their aide and support.

Happy Birthday to:

Judd R 1-3

Laurie L 1-6

Allison B 1-11

Susie L 1-23

Cameron B 1-23

Peggy F 1-25

Matt C 1-28

Gretchen K 1-30

Churches to pray for in January:

Faith UMC, Phoenix Sunrise UMC, Phoenix

Shepherd of the Valley UMC, Phoenix

View the Sunday Service Bulletin for January 9, 2011

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