Joys and Concerns – March 3, 2013

Prayer Requests

Keep in our thoughts and prayers:

MaryLou T in rehab in Los Lunas, NM, and her present address is available at the back of the sanctuary; Patty recovering at home;  continuing support for Anne C dealing with chemo.  Continued prayers for B, B and R family.

Prayers for good health recovery for Mitzi!

Continued prayers of support for Randy

Prayers of comfort for Trish W and Sharon M.

Prayers of support for M family in loss of husband/father Gene.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Birthdays to celebrate in March

Ann & Elizabeth R                                    3-14

Landen R                                                     3-17

Jane R                                                           3-18

Emily B                                                         3-20

John J                                                           3-21

Hannah P                                                     3-23

Patty B                                                          3-26


Anniversaries to celebrate in March

Paul & Susie L                                           3-23

Doug & Jane R                                          3-29

Andrea & Ryan P                                     3-30


Churches to Pray for in March

Camp Verde UMC

Gila Mountain, Yuma

Shepherd of the Valley, Phoenix

Haven Verde Valley Church Bulletin for March 3, 2013

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