Joys and Concerns – May 15, 2011

Prayer Requests

Continued prayers of support and love for our community of members and friends who are in need of comfort and security.

Prayers of healing and support for Mary C B during chemo treatments.

Nathaniel B is home for the summer.

Casey Hall graduated cum laude from NAU.  He will be riding a tandem bike from NY city to San Francisco.  Pray for support.

Prayers for Dominic and Katie in their final weeks at ERU.

Thom Bauers’ nephew graduated from college. Praise for family guidance.

Prayers for the family of Pastor Vicki’s neighbor Mr. Klause who recently passed away.

Dick Lerdahl’s mother is suffering from hardening of the arteries.  Pray for support during surgery and recovery.

Roni Bauers gave thanks for the Easter baskets given to the Teec Nos Pos church children.  Thanks also to Walmart.

Judd R graduated from college.  Prayers for flight training.

Jane R is opening a business in Jerome, “University Shack”.  Pray for her strength and success.

George R’s brother Jim is going to California for radiation treatment.

Prayers for flood victims on and around the Mississippi river.

Prayers for fire safety during the upcoming seasons.

Daily prayers of support for Cerri and Hali, young Jerome girls, who are traveling abroad on a spiritual journey through October.

Prayers of support for those in the military and those who contribute to their aide and support, both at home and abroad.


Happy May Birthdays to:

Kyla R                                                                 5-18

Jacob L                                                              5-19

Jaron B                                                                5-29


Churches to pray for in May:

Christ Community UMC, Avondale

Spirit of Hope UMC, Peoria            Epworth UMC Phoenix

View the Sunday Service Bulletin for May 15, 2011

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