Joys and Concerns – May 8, 2011

Prayer Requests

We are thankful for the return of so many members and friends during the Easter season.  Please stay in touch via our website.

Continued prayers of support and love for our community of members and friends who are in need of comfort and security.

Daily prayers of support for Cerri and Hali, young Jerome girls, who are traveling abroad on a spiritual journey through October.  Check out the bulletin board for the latest email from the girls.

Travel mercies to all who are on the road and in the air on Spring and Summer holidays.

Prayers of support for those in the military and those who contribute to their aide and support, both at home and abroad.

Happy May Birthdays to:

Kyla R                                                                5-18

Jacob L                                                              5-19

Jaron B                                                                5-29

Churches to pray for in May:

Christ Community UMC, Avondale

Spirit of Hope UMC, Peoria            Epworth UMC Phoenix

Haven will be on the Jerome Annual Home Tour, May 21st & 22nd.  Volunteers will be needed to be at the church.  Start making cookies and treats to offer our visitors on those days.

We are working on a new, updated, 2011 edition of the Haven Family Directory.  We need you to help by putting your current address, phone and email (if you wish) in the Friendship Register passed around Sundays.

Always remember: will have the services and other information so you can join in Haven’s worship.

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