Joys and Concerns – October 2, 2011

Prayer Requests

  Continued prayers of love and support for Dick L, Paul L, Beth, Kitty, and Randy in health issues.

Prayers of support, love and quick recovery for Maralyn B who remains in VVMC for tests.

Prayers of support and love for Dick L’s mother who is experiencing leg pains.

Haven still needs old nails.  Bring them in!!!

Continued prayers for Hope for the Hopeless program in Ethiopia and for children all over the world.

Pray for travel mercies to all those on the road and in the air and for those from afar who visit with our community.

Thanksgiving for Pastor Vicki and all who are here to worship together.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Happy October Birthdays to:

  Dick W                                                              10-7

Ethel B                                                               10-23


Happy October Anniversary to:

  Don & Jana B                                                  10-29


Churches to pray for in October:

Trinity UMC, Phoenix

Gila Mountain UMC, Yuma

Yuma First UMC

View the Haven Church Jerome Sunday Service Bulletin for October 2, 2011

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