Joys and Concerns – OCtober 26, 2014

JOYS AND CONCERNS    October 26, 2014

Prayer Requests


Always in our Prayers: Randy B; Mitzi; Lois R; is back!  Prayers of support for Dee V; in her battle with cancer; Prayers of love and strength for Jim F.  Bill and Irene F; continued healing; Angelia healing from brain tumor; Kevin J; having more tests; Prayers for J; family dealing with father passing and illness of mother; Christina’s pancreatic cancer has spread; continued prayers for John A; in his cancer fight.  Pray for strength and faith during their time of recovery and grief for Cindy A; and family. Prayers of support for Bob R; recovering from surgery. Prayers of love and support for friends and family of former Jerome resident Margaret T; who passed away this past Wednesday.

Edit note:  The fire at Overgaard church was a GOOD one!  The burning of the mortgage note!  Apologies for the mistake.

Praise for movers of Vi to her new home where she feels she belongs!

Prayers for deliverance of the missionaries and people in harm’s way from ISIS in Northern Iraq.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Special prayers of love and support for the US Marine in Mexico.


October birthdays to celebrate


Janet K                                                                      10-5

Ollie B                                                                       10-23



Central West District Churches to pray for in October


Fort Yuma UMC               Prescott Valley UMC

Mission Bell UMC, Glendale

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