It is Never Too Late to be What You Might Have Been

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

How true this is.  I have found that as we age we tend to give up on new beginnings.  We are content to say “Oh how I wish” or “If I were only younger”.  And for some of us, we are still wondering what we want to be when we grow up.  It doesn’t seem to matter if we are 30, 40 or 60 or 70, most of us still have things we wish we had done or wish we had accomplished.  I admit that I don’t have the energy anymore for that hike across Europe that I once thought I would like to take, but seeing Europe by car or bus is still a possibility.  I no longer am enamored of the idea of attending a loud noisy concert, but an evening at the symphony is still an attractive thought. I still would also like to see a Broadway musical, but I would be just as happy to see it in Phoenix as to travel to New York.

I don’t think that this “downsizing” of my dreams makes them any less of a dream or hopefully a possibility.  Things like finances and physical ability can still tend to get in the way, but as long as we keep planning the dreams will never die. When I was younger things had a sense of urgency to them that they no longer have.  The idea of wanting results “right now” was something that plagued me.  Like a small child pounding his fists on the floor I didn’t want to put anything off.  I wanted it “now!” But if I had accomplished everything I wanted to do in my life when I was in my 30’s…what would I be doing now?  Dreams age with us.  We modify them and make them fit our limitations, but they are still dreams worth holding on to.

God has plans for all of us.  He doesn’t necessarily wan’t us to accomplish them all at once or in a span of a few years.  God can still work with us as we get older.  If we can’t learn things from a trip abroad, we can still learn things from people close by.  We can also pass on our accrued wisdom to the young.  “Don’t worry if it is not all possible now…God will see that the things he wants to get done will get done.  In God’s time, not ours.

Keep dreaming!






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