The Holidays are Here

Well, here we are coming up on Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays, with all the hussle and bustle that goes with getting the turkey ready, visiting with relatives,  and holiday shopping. Let’s not forget to thank God for everything we have, and everybody in our lives, even those that have touched our lives ever so briefly. Remember that God loves you and has forgiven you your sins but, you DO have to ask for forgiveness. Prayer is the focal point of most of our lives, as we continue to pray for all of the afflicted in our nation. The east coast was hit by a horrendous storm that wiped away many homes and lives and we need to remember to keep them in our prayers. we also need to remember to pray for those locally who are having issues with life.

We here at Haven are looking forward to the Christmas Eve service which begins at 6:00 p.m. Monday, December 24th. Our youth will be adding a Christmas pageant to the service which I for one am looking forward too. The Pastor’s message for the Christmas Eve service is titled “Fear Not”, for God had told us to “not be afraid”.

So in closing this message, we would like to remind you to thank God on a daily basis and to not forget who the “Son of God” really is to you.

Blessings to all,

Michael & Janet Keffer

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