Seven Sermons for Lent – “Sir, We Would See Jesus”

Starting February 17, 2013 will be a series of seven sermons for Lent. They will go consecutively through Easter, 2/24/13, 3/3/13, 3/10/13, 3/17/13, 3/24/13 and March 31. I will post each sermon here the week after.
       “Sermon Series Titled; “Sir, We Would See Jesus.”

I.    “In the Presence of Fear” Scripture-Matthew 8:23-27 & John 12:20-26.
II.   “In the Presence of Temptation” Scripture-Matthew Chapter 4.
III.  “In the Presence of Evil” Scripture-Luke 7:36-50 & John 2:13-16.
IV.  “In the Presence of Crisis” Scripture-Matthew 26:36-46 & John 12:20-26.
V.   “In the Presence of Death” Scripture-John 11:1-7, 11-15, 17-53.
VI.  “The Victory That Ended In Defeat” Scripture-Matthew 21:1-12.
VII. “The Defeat That Ended in Victory” Scripture-John Chapter 20.

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