Church Blog – January 9, 2014

New Year Reflection

Some people like to talk about new resolutions, some about new opportunities, or new starts, and such are good and appropriate ways to begin a new year. I like to think about the beginning of a new year as the beginning of a new cycle in the rhythm of life.

For us, as followers of Jesus and the church, we live in a rhythm of renewal, worship, encouragement, service, and rest. Are there parts of this rhythm that you are missing? If so, you’re missing out on some of the blessings in the life of discipleship.

This year, I invite you to prayerfully consider your life of discipleship. What portions are weak and need strengthening? What parts are hard for you? What parts are fun? Where do you find joy in your faith?

Our life together means we encourage each other and we keep moving to be closer to God, more faithful, more holy. That’s often hard work, sometimes frustrating, frequently frightening, sometimes incredibly blessed. Let’s help each other this year grow to be more like the people God has called us to be. This year, let’s let nothing stop us from reaching out to the hurting, the lost, the hungry, the homeless, and the ones who just don’t know they have a place to belong in the kingdom and at Haven UMC.

Grace and peace,

Pastor’s Mike & Janet Keffer


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