New Haven Church Near Completion — Open Sunday

Here is an article Nancy Smith contributed about the “new” building opening, which is our current (2010) building. The article is from the May 10, 1927, Verde Copper News.

New Haven Church Near Completion — Open Sunday

“The new $16,000 Haven Methodist church is in the last stage of construction and will house the initial service next Sunday. The edifice, which was begun Feb. 4 of this year, will be completed in the next few weeks, according to Chas. Sauer, contractor for the new building.

“The spacious auditorium, measuring 46 X 32 feet, and having a seating capacity of 200 persons, will be ready for the opening day of worship, Sunday. The building is one of the most beautiful of medium sized churches and is finished on the exterior with a stucco composition. Stained glass windows of cathedral glass with green and amber colors predominating, lend an air of grace to both the exterior and the interior of the main auditorium.

“Ample space is provided throughout the structure for expansion and present usage. Two main entrances are provided. One opening on the highway, enters the basement which is to be used as a recreation room. This section also houses the kitchen, rest rooms and a large Sunday school room. At the rear, and west end of the building, is the main entrance to the auditorium.

“This room features special construction in acoustic methods and provides a soft tone throughout, enabling speech to be heard clearly at any part of the room. The pulpit platform in the east end is raised several inches and is situated in a cone-shaped deflector. On the right and left of the platform are the secretary’s room and stairway and the pastor’s study.

“The ceiling is closed with a patented board providing a decorative enclosure and contributing to the favorable acoustical properties of the speaking room. In the west end a large Sunday school room is thrown open by swinging doors, allowing an additional seating provision for 40 persons. A stairway leads from the auditorium to the basement and recreation department. In the main entrance, double doors are arranged and a small vestibule has been built in. Illumination by large ceiling chandeliers and wall lights placed at intervals around the room allow sufficient and attractive lighting.

“Heating is provided by a steam heating plant in a special fire-proof basement room. The ground floor is large enough to permit athletic games and festivals. The dining room is also on the lower floor and can be entered from the church or the outside.

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