The Church Buildings

In her research of the Haven Church, Nancy Smith found this article about the first church building and the present building. There is no title or attribution for the article. She then writes more about the first building’s history.

Rev. John Oliver was appointed October 1900 as the first minister. The building was enlarged in 1908 during Rev. Hawley’s pastorate. Under Dr. J.T. Black’s administration, 1922, a campaign was successfully prosecuted for funds for the present building. When Rev. Luther A. Rice came to the charge in 1926, all was ready for building. The commodious building (previously dedicated in 1927 when services were conducted in the basement) was re-dedicated Feb. 3, 1929, and was worth $20,000 including the lots.

There was a editorial note at the end about the price of the church, probably added by Nancy: “[10 times the first church.]”

She goes on to write the following, which we believe was written in 1984 or so:

The Board of Trustees of the Haven Methodist Episcopal Church advertised to receive bids to purchase the old church and parsonage until October 2, 1926. They sold the property to a Mr. Hayes who turned it into apartments and a garage and store on the street level. While owned by old-timer Joe Larson, it suffered extensive damage as a result of the fire which started in the vacant Jerome Lumber Company Buildings in September of 1950. It was remodeled by owners Tom and Karen Brown in the early 1970’s. At the present time the structure stands as a three story “tri-plex” at the corner of School St. and Center St. It was again remodeled and expanded within the last few years by Scott Stevens. This building has gone through many faces. The one it has now is probably the best since it was the first Methodist church.

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