Navajo Taco Dinner

What a joy filled time I had talking to all who came to be with us for this event on November 6th. I received so many thank you’s from everyone, and I had nothing to do with all the work! I quickly showed them the cooking team who had lovingly prepared the feast. I told them about Daisy, Ronnie’s mom who had come such a long way to make the best fry bread anywhere just for us here in Jerome.

Many town folks look forward to this annual meal. There were even take out orders delivered by a very faithful group. We used this event to supply funds for the food pantry. It has been a difficult year for so many, and we want to keep supplies for winter needs of socks and coats as well as food. We recognize no one knows what tomorrow may bring and in thanksgiving for today we want to give abundantly to those who need. Together we can overcome all obstacles through the love of Christ. Thank you to all who served and supported this hard work.

With much gratitude, Pastor Vicki

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