Pink Heals Cares Enough to Wear Pink 2010 Tour

Haven Church will Help Out With Tour Kick Off in Jerome

The purpose of the tour is raising awareness for the fight against cancer and to inspire men to support the women of their community.

The town of Jerome has announced that the “Cares enough to Wear Pink” Campaign will start their 2010 tour in Jerome, Arizona with a kick-off event being held on August 5, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. “We expect participation from towns, organizations, and associations throughout the Verde Valley,” Mayor Jay Kinsella said. “We are pleased and proud to serve as the kick off location.”

The event is sponsored by the Guardians of the Ribbon and they will travel all across the United States to spread the word about breast cancer. The members of Haven United Methodist Church have pledged to help with the event and support the town and Guardians of the Ribbon in any way they can.

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