Bulletin – April 24, 2011

Easter Sunrise Service

April 24, 2011


Please join us for food and fellowship at the church after Sunrise Service and join us for the Easter egg hunt at Joan Evans at 10:15 following second service.

HYMN:      “Christ Is Risen”  (insert) UMH 307


One: Jesus Christ is risen today!

All:  He is risen indeed!

One: The stone is rolled away.

All:  The tomb is empty.

One: Christ is alive!

All:  All heaven and earth rejoice in his resurrection.

One: Sin is destroyed and death is defeated.

All: We have new life in Christ.

One: Our salvation and our hope are secure.

All: Halleluiah! Jesus Christ has risen today!


Lord Jesus, in light of the sacrifices you made for us, what do we have to offer that is worthy? You were willing to suffer the injustice of a mockery of a trial. You endured the abuse of a violent and cruel system. You even went so far as to die one of the worst deaths that humanity has ever conceived. In the face of all that, Scripture time and time again calls us to be imitators of you, but we are unable or unwilling. Lord, we confess our weakness.


Jesus spoke words that, no matter how many times we hear them, have more meaning that we can fully grasp. This is my body broken for you and my blood poured out for you the forgiveness of sins. Let us receive all that Christ offers  us and be thankful. Amen.

GOSPEL: Matthew 28:1-10               (insert) PB, pg. 31


HYMN:   (9:00 service only) “Because He Lives”                 UMH 364

OFFERING PRAYER: Gracious God, as we celebrate the power of the resurrection this day, we ask that you would receive these offerings and gifts that we give joyfully and generously. By the power of your Spirit, multiply them and use them to bring peace, justice, hope and the good news of Jesus Christ to all the world. Amen.

RECEIVING OUR OFFERING:  (9:00 service only)           UMH 71


God of glory, we gather to celebrate your victory over death and the power of sin. The empty cross and the promise of the resurrection are tangible signs of hope in our broken world. We pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who aren’t free to sing their alleluias out loud. We give thanks for those who glorify you this day in places where hope is in short supply—in countries recovering from natural disasters or torn by war. We pray for those who suffer in mind, body or spirit, who lack the strength to sing alleluia. We offer alleluias on their behalf, praying for healing so their

voices can join in the joyful songs of praise. We give you thanks for the saints who have gone before us, singing in your heavenly choir, grateful for their lives of faith. Help us to live as Easter people throughout the year; let our lives be signs of your unending love. We pray in the name of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

HYMN:  (9:00 service only) “Lift High The Cross”             UMH 159

COMMUNION (9:00 Service only)

Unified Prayer:

We come to your table today, risen God, not in memory of that first Easter, but rather in celebration and amazement…for Jesus did not just die on the cross, but through the resurrection, became the risen Christ! We are celebrating an event that has the power to transform each of us.

Earlier this week of the first Easter, the disciples ate bread and drank from the cup with dread of what was to happen that evening. Today, we again will eat and drink from the cup. On this day of resurrection, we eat and drink in the presence of the risen Christ, who gives hope and light to overcome all odds.Holy Spirit, hear our prayers of thanksgiving and joy. Let us experience the risen Christ so that we, like Mary, will say, “I have seen the Lord.”


The table is open to all who earnestly repent of their sins

Come, all things are now ready

CLOSING HYMN: ”Christ The Lord Is Risen Today” (insert)  UMH 302


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