Blessing of the Animals

Our Banner for the Blessing of the Animals
Our Banner for the Blessing of the Animals

What a wonderful blessing for all who attended this service! I could see and hear the love shared between our animals and their owners. Such a joy it was to remember the gift of God’s creatures given to us to care for. We are the ones truly blessed by our domestic companions. They are a living example of unconditional love for those who respect and honor them.

We had a table with pictures of those pets (mostly cats) that were more comfortable staying at home and allowing their owners to bless them upon their return with a certificate of blessing, a medal of St. Francis of Assisi and a little treat.

Before and after the blessing we humans were spoiled with goodies made by Lew C., Giselle’s bakery, Marge M. and other lovers of the Humane Society in Jerome. We had cupcakes which looked like cats and dogs and cookies shaped like paws and bone, as well as infamous oatmeal cookies. The works of art were so beautiful it seemed almost sinful to eat them. But once we did we wanted more. All was deliciously wonderful and I hope we can share together another day like this. My thanks to the Bauer’s for the banner, the Rees’, Beth, Patty, Sally, the Humane Society and all the rest who helped make this day so special for everyone.

If I missed anyone please forgive me, so many of you do so much in the background at Haven and in Jerome for one another that you don’t always get recognition. To all of you too, we give great thanks.

Peace to All,

Pastor Vicki Lerdahl

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