Haven Cross is Gone

Our wonderful cross has fallen to the strength of the four winds. It was noted by a member driving past the church recently on a blustery day that the cross was lying in the bushes. Our trustee was called to look into the situation and it was discovered to be beyond repair. With the help of one dear Jerome neighbor, the remnants were removed. Haven was greatly blessed by that gift, but we are not going to replace it.

However, we are hoping in the near future to place a substantial 6-8 ft. cross on the east side wall that you could see on the way up the hill. This would replace a previous one from years back (attached by a pulley) that was also blown away! God willing the new cross will be attached firmly. We are hoping an artistic person with Jerome in mind will offer suggestions for the design of that cross and a way for it to be cost efficient for our church. If you know of anyone who may be interested let them know to call Pastor Vicki Lerdahl.

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