On our first weeks at Haven…

What a blessing to have been assigned to this church and to this town.  Michael and I have been overwhelmed by everyone we have met up here.  People from all walks of life seem to have gravitate to Jerome, and they all have one thing in common…they are nice!  Not just average nice like holding the door or saying “Good morning”. But above average nice, eager to welcome and to get to know us and to let us know them.  I guess it is our years of “big city” living that let us forget that places like this exist.

We have definitely, too, been loving learning of the history of Jerome.  It is so hard to believe that at one time over 15,000 people lived on this hill.  Talk about cramped quarters.  But they made it work and they made it thrive, at least until the stock market crashed and the price of copper fell.  The history here is intriguing and we are anxious to learn more.  Rev. Paul McCleary from Clarkdale has written some books about the area which we are enjoying and I am also looking forward to reading a book by long time resident, Roberto, which is called “Rich Town, Poor Town”.  We have heard it is a fascinating read.

So until next time, we are still meeting people and learning about the Verde Valley, loving the views from the hill and getting ensconced in our new “home”.  Jerome and Haven…you are great!


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