Joys and Concerns – October 28, 2012

Prayer Requests

Keep in our thoughts and prayers:

Patty recovering at home; Allen R with ongoing health issues; Insight into Joann’s health issues; Ann C for good health battling cancer; Katie T’s successful bone marrow transplant; Eldora J and cancer surgery recovery, Marsha with lung problems; Sally’s sister; Randy’s continuing back pain.

Prayers of comfort and support for friends and families of the many who fight cancer and other devastating illnesses and lose.

Travel mercies for the On The Road Again gang: George.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.


Birthdays to celebrate in November:

Michael F                                             11-7

Lois R                                                     11-21


Coming events:

October 28: Executive Board meeting after church.

November 4: Gary Kennedy doing communion, confirmations and acceptance of new members.  SPRC meeting after church.

Annual Charge Conference at Mountain View church at 2pm.

November 3: Clarkdale walk to benefit Anne Conway

November 18: 11am Thanksgiving potluck.

December 24: Christmas Eve service at 6pm


Churches to pray for in November:

Trinity UMC, Yuma

Prescott UMC

Phoenix First UMC

Spread the word about the Jerome Food Pantry!

View the Haven UMC Bulletin for October 28, 2012


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