Joys and Concerns – April 28, 2013

Prayer Requests

Prayers for Jerome’s Les M who is hospitalized and failing.  Prayers of swift recovery for Austin G.  Prayers for B family members in loss of mother.

Prayers for good test results and recovery from cancer for George D, Jerome resident on East Ave.

Prayers for recovery of Jerome resident Steve B, under going chemo.  Prayers for recovery of Susan, coworker of Randy’s, dealing with health issues.

Pray for Peggy F in her recovery from fall and stitches.

Pray for comfort for the grieving in Boston and Texas.

Prayers go to small local businesses and service agencies in this economic time.

Thanks for the coming of Spring!!

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Birthdays to celebrate in April

Ramon B                                                       4-4

Ben R                                                              4-15

Ethel B                                                            4-19

Don B                                                              4-21

Heather D                                                     4-23

Michael K                                                     4-23


Anniversaries to celebrate in April

Melissa & Ramon B                                   4-8


Central West District Churches to Pray for in April

Prescott Valley

Mission Bell, Glendale

Fort Yuma

Haven United Methodist Church Bulletin for April 28, 2013


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