Joys and Concerns – August 1, 2010

Prayer Requests

Vi B. is in VVMC after sustaining a head injury from a fall at home. She is having further tests and procedures. Her # is 639-6229, room 1406. Prayers for healing.

Steve R. is in Kachina Point, his # is 203-8665. To volunteer for when he gets home (soon), call Nancy @ 634-2876. Prayers for healing after his surgery.

Scott N. is at Verde Vista Care & Rehab Center in Camp Verde. #567-5253. Hopefully he will be home next week.

Prayers of support for family and friends of David (Doc) Loomis who passed away July 12th.

Support for family of Rev. Eldon Brown who passed away.

Steve, Pastor Vicki’s neighbor, remains in care center following snake bite.

Gary K.’s friend Chip had face surgery. Prayers for recovery.

Prayers for Richard L.’s mother who is in a nursing home with pneumonia.

Travel mercies for Richard and Jacob returning from Wisconsin.

Prayers of support for teachers returning to work

Prayers of support for those in the military and those who contribute to their support.

Happy Birthday to:

Roni B. 8-8
Beth B. 8-9
Megan B. 8-13
Vicki L. 8-16
Janel L. 8-21
George R. 8-24

Happy Anniversary to:

Joni and Randy B. 8-2

Churches to pray for in August:

Prescott Valley UMC Liberty UMC

Community Church of Buckeye

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