Joys and Concerns – August 26, 2012

Prayer Requests

Keep in our thoughts and prayers:

Patty recovering at home.  Don Benton recovering from a fall.

Pray for Allen R with ongoing health issues.  Prayers of support for Abe S, long time Jerome resident, who is recuperating from extensive shoulder surgery.  Support for Jerome resident Llory M recovering from cancer surgery.

Travel mercies for Rosemary C as she visits family in WA.

Watch for children and teachers as they go back to studies!

Pray for World Peace and Love!

 Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Mingus Family camp September 6th.

Jerome Electronic Recycle Sept. 8th, 8 to 1 at end of 300 level parking lot.

Sept. 23rd will be Pot Luck Church Ice Cream Social at Joan’s.

Happy August Birthday to:

Roni B                                                                8-8

Beth B                                                                8-9

Megan B                                                            8-13

Vicki L                                                               8-16

George R                                                          8-24


Happy August Anniversary to:

Joni and Randy B                                         8-2

Churches to pray for in August:

Community Church of Buckeye

Liberty UMC, Buckeye

Mountain View UMC, Cottonwood

Spread the word about the Jerome Food Pantry! Open Thursdays from 9 to 12 and after church on Sunday.

Executive Board meeting after church Sunday, Sept. 16th

View the Haven UMC Bulletin for August 26, 2012



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