Joys and Concerns – January 22, 2012

Prayer Requests

  Continued prayers of love and support for Kitty, Patty, Allen, Joni, Kenneth Ribelin, Rose J, and Randy and Maralyn in health issues.

Praise for the presence of the Chapp family visiting after suffering loss of husband and father in December.

Prayers for Alison B recovering from surgery.

Pray for strength for Andrea in upcoming wedding arrangements.

Prayers of support for Jim F in his dealing with Parkinson’s.

Travel mercies for those who will be on the road and in the air.

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Pray for Peace and Love in this a new year!!

Happy January Birthday to:

  Judd R                                                               1-3

Laurie L                                                           1-6

Allison B                                                           1-11

Susie L                                                           1-23

Cameron B                                                            1-23

Peggy F                                                               1-25


Churches to pray for in January:

Trinity UMC, Phoenix

Pioneer UMF

Chino Valley UMC

Habit for Humanity will be having an informational meeting at their Resale Store on Main Street on January 25th at 6pm.  They will explain their program for all and any folks who are in need of a house or who know of anyone who does.

Nails are still being accepted to build the cross!!

View the Haven Church Jerome Sunday Service Bulletin for January 22, 2012

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