Joys and Concerns – July 25, 2010


Prayer Requests

Information on Family Church Camp, Mens’ Retreat in Prescott in October, as well as camp dates for our younger congregation, is in the back of the sanctuary and on the bulletin board.

Thanksgiving that the eyes of Patty B’s sister were successfully transplanted.

Continued prayers of support for Allen R.

Continued prayers of support for Maralyn B.

Continued prayers for Pat H. who is now at home.

Steve R. is in Kachina Point, his # is 203-8665. To volunteer for when he gets home, call Nancy @ 634-2876. Prayers for healing after his surgery.

Scott N. is still at VVMC but doing better.

Prayers of support for Mitzi D. and family in passing of Bishop Dew.

Vicki L’s cat friend of 16 years passed away recently.

Prayers for Roni B.s’ family leaving on vacation.

Travel mercies for George and Joann on their separate journeys.

Prayers of support for those in the military and those who contribute to their support.

Happy Birthday to:

Nathaniel B. 7-3

Matthew B. 7-8

Melissa B. 7-20

Richard L. 7-23

Andrea B. 7-27

Cole P. 7-27

Happy Anniversary to:

Todd and Becky P. 7-1

Anthony and Laurie L. 7-2

Churches to pray for in July:

Mountain View UMC, Cottonwood Sedona UMC

Prescott UMC (140 years old this year! Rally Day Aug 15th.)