Joys and Concerns – June 12, 2011

Prayer Requests

Continued prayers of support and love for our community of members and friends who are in need of comfort and security.

Pray for support and guidance to the Wade family who are experiencing heart problems and the need for procedures.

Prayers of healing and support for Mary C B during chemo treatments.

Pray for comfort for Thom’s friend Lisa facing breast cancer.

Prayers for fire safety during the upcoming seasons.

Daily prayers of support for Cerri and Hali.

Prayers for Jen E in her recovery and healing from spinal meningitis.

Prayers for support and guidance to families with children at home during summer vacation.

Prayers of support for those in the military and those who contribute to their aide and support, both at home and abroad.


Happy June Birthdays to:

Steve R Jr.                                                        6-4

Nancy B-W                                               6-11

Jana B                                                                6-16

John S                                                             6-19

Janet C                                                                  6-29


Happy June Anniversary to:

George and Joann R                                           6-18

Ben & Missy R                                                   6-21


Churches to pray for in June:

Asbury UMC, Phoenix                               Phoenix First UMC

View the Sunday Service Bulletin for June 12, 2011


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