Joys and Concerns – March 20, 2011

Prayer Requests

In our Thoughts and our Prayers: Steve, Camille, Marlyn, Mary Lou, Paula, Chris, and all who are not with us today.

Prayers as Frank F struggles with health issues.

Jill W and Andy Pe, residents of Jerome, had a baby girl on March 5th!

Prayers for the earthquake victims in Japan.

Travel mercies for all those traveling during school break.

Daily prayers of support for Cerri and Hali, young Jerome girls, who are traveling abroad on a spiritual journey through October.

Prayers of support for those in the military and those who contribute to their aide and support at home and abroad.

Happy Birthday to:

Ann R                                                                     3-14

Elizabeth R                                                              3-14

Landen R                                                              3-17

Jane R                                                                   3-18

Emily B                                                               3-20

John J                                                                 3-21

Hannah P                                                  3-23

Patty B                                                                      3-26

Happy Anniversary to:

Paul & Susie L                                                   3-23

Douglas & Jane R                                      3-29

Churches to pray for in March:

Camp Verde UMC      Chino Valley UMC

Mission Bell UMC in Glendale  Spirit Song UMF in Peoria will have the services and other information so you can join Haven’s congregation in the Spirit.

View the Sunday Service Bulletin for March 20, 2011

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