Joys and Concerns – September 18, 2011

Prayer Requests

  Continued prayers of love and support for Maralyn B, Dick L, Anne C, and Randy in health issues.

Thanksgiving for Nathanial B’s good health tests!

Prayers for swift recovery for Ron’s father!

Haven still needs old nails.  Bring them in!!!

Prayers for those in fire ravaged areas!

Blessings on our military and support personnel around the world.

Praise for the assistance of Fire Chief Rusty and Town Crew  Dwain and Travis for removing our old printer to a new home!

Happy September Birthdays to:


Randy B                                                        9-3

Flora S                                                             9-9

Frank F                                                                  9-13

Joan E                                                                  9-16

Joann R                                                              9-20

Alvina B                                                              9-21


Happy September Anniversary to:


Thom and Roni B                                               9-30


Churches to pray for September:

 Lakeview UMC, Youngtown

First UMC, Sun City

Youngtown UMC


September’s Special Cause is “Christian Education”.  Please use the Offering envelopes in your pew to donate to this most worthy cause.

View the Haven Church Jerome Sunday Service Bulletin for September 18, 2011

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