Wellness Notes – A New Year!


“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”  Isaiah 60:1

JANUARY:  A new year, a new month, a new start!!   Light shines on the newness before us with encouraging brightness.   My husband and I begin the New Year with a group of RV friends, out in the desert, around a roaring campfire.   We say goodbye to the old year, old thoughts, unfinished goals, and sorrows, and look ahead with the firelight shining brightly on our future.    It is a time of starting a new calendar, setting new goals, (sounds better than ‘resolutions’), and making new plans.   Let each of us “ Arise, shine; for ‘our’  light has come”  in the form of the baby Jesus, who came to  shed light into each of our lives , illuminating the darkness that might dim our positive outlook, forward thinking, and  bright NEW YEAR.   How can we use this light to build a better, more healthful, brighter year ahead:

  • Do a brief meditation:  Close your eyes, sit comfortably, and breathe deeply.   Envision the Christ Light brightening your heart, then allow that light to travel  throughout your entire body—limb by limb, organ by organ, —lending the healing, energizing power of Christ’s love to clear out the darkness, pain, obstructed areas,  and dimness from your mind, body, and spirit. Allow the light to flow freely as you breathe  deeply and sit quietly for a few moments.   As you open our eyes, may you feel the refreshing power of LIGHT throughout your being.
  • Assure you are being outdoors in the light for several periods each day.  If it is a dull, dark, day turn on all of the lights in your room  and spend more time in the light than in dull areas.
  • Allow light to shine FROM you each day.   Make a conscious effort to greet everyone you meet with a smile (and yourself in the mirror) letting the Christ Light within you shine out to others.  Know that if the only positive activity you might do is your smile, you have witnessed to another.
  • Fill your plate with ‘light and bright’ foods.  Include oranges, lemon, yellow and red peppers, a rainbow of colored fruits, vegetables, and fluids in your daily meal plan.   Set the goal of 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables in EACH daily intake.   (make a list & check off the numbers!!)
  • Lighten your step!!   Take out a walking stick and take a daily walk, making your stride longer, your head held high, and breathing freely as you try for at least 30 minutes of walking daily (it can be in spurts or even with a walker or pacing in your chair).
  • Shed light on your words.     Try for communicating more positive thoughts than negatives; using uplifting words; speaking kindness; encouraging another; and brightening your own outlook.
  • Share your “light” each day.   God has given you special gifts within your heart, mind, and soul. Use those gifts to the best of your ability and avoid ‘hiding them under a bushel’.  Let your light shine!!

Begin 2012 as the beacon of God’s Love!!

Alice Stephenson BSN,RN,PN

Parish Nurse Consultant

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